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About Galaxy Digital Global Research.

A best-in-class investment research engine, designed to provide investment insights and thematic views across Galaxy Digital and its partners.

What We Do.

Galaxy’s research team leverages its multi-disciplinary skills across blockchain technology, computer science, investing, capital markets, and economics to generate proprietary research across its four areas of focus: Macro, Liquid Markets, Illiquid Markets, and Protocol & Ecosystem.

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Our inaugural white paper, Crypto Assets: Extending Permissionless Innovation, is now available.

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Research Leadership.

Alex Thorn and Luka Jankovic

Alex Thorn

Head of Firmwide Research
Research, New York

Alex Thorn is Head of Firmwide Research at Galaxy Digital. At Galaxy, Alex leads a team of researchers dedicated to understanding and unpacking developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, producing insights for internal and external audiences.

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Luka Jankovic

Head of Research & Portfolio Manager
Research, New York

Luka Jankovic is Head of Lending and a Portfolio Manager at Galaxy Digital. He previously served as the Head of Research at Galaxy before launching and building the lending & financing group.

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