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About Galaxy Digital Trading

Galaxy Digital is one of the largest principal traders in the digital assets space. We specialize in making institutional-sized markets with counterparties in digital assets.

Why trade with Galaxy Digital?

Access to Intelligent Trading Solutions & Resources

Galaxy Digital's merchant bank model provides access to unparalleled resources, trading expertise and market insight:

Galaxy Digital Trading

Specialist in two-sided, institutional liquidity solutions.

Balance Sheet

Institutional-sized digital asset trading and trade solutions that minimize market impact.

Risk Management Strategy

Quantitative and qualitative risk management expertise.

Research & Investment Resources

Intelligent insight from each business line provides a macro to micro view of the industry.

Products & Solutions

Principal Investments, Asset Management and Advisory Services further enhance our expansive network of opportunities and solutions.

Galaxy Digital
provides unique counterparty access in the digital assets space. Beyond trading solutions, Galaxy Digital is a gateway to the entire digital assets and blockchain community. We are excited to forge partnerships in an asset class that is fundamentally changing the world.

About Galaxy Digital Trading

Who do you trade with?

We have methodically developed our trading business along the same philosophical tenets that built Galaxy’s overall ecosystem - through partnerships. We have a diverse, but strategic group of counterparties, including the largest crypto funds, venture capital, miners, blockchain companies, asset management, family offices and high net worth individuals.

How do I become an approved counterparty?

To onboard with Galaxy Digital Trading please click on the following link to begin the AML/KYC process. The Galaxy Digital onboarding team will provide assistance through the process.

Trade with Galaxy

Which digital assets do you currently trade?

We trade a broad array of digital assets with a focus on BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XMR, DASH, ETC, ZEC, BTG.

What are your trading hours?

Our team is headquartered in New York, but have expanded our footprint to Europe and Asia to support 24 hour trading solutions around the world.

What are your trading fees?

We do not charge a fee or commission, however, as a principal business we calculate a spread based off of current market levels when providing pricing to approved counterparties.

Current index prices, market liquidity, volatility and our overall position in the market all impact our spread calculation.

To onboard with Galaxy Digital Trading please email:

[email protected]

The Galaxy Digital onboarding team will provide assistance throughout the process.

Trading Leadership.

Jason Urban

Co-Head of Trading
Management Team, New York

Jason Urban is the Global Co-Head of Trading at Galaxy Digital. Prior to joining the firm, he was CEO of DrawBridge Lending.

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